Sunday, April 02, 2006

Even More Maltese finds

The bedford van has been evryday use by the present owner for the last 27 years as a decorators van, the toyota, was owned by a member of the malta old car club, and while not my normal taste was in tremedous condition.

Just up the road from the bedford was this austin 1300 and later in the day I found this mk1 ford escort estate

More recent finds in Malta

The herald estate was rough around the edges, and obviuosly in everyday use as a market garden transporter, with fruit and veg in the back.
The moggie pick up was in good order
as was the austin cambridge

Recent finds in Malta

The 1200 has seen better days but the 13/60 was one owner from new and except for a little damage o/s/r was in good nick.
The Transit deisel was in everyday use as a mobile friut and veg stall