Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Made my day

I had a call from a local member of Club Triumph, he was have trouble starting his Spitty after installing a reconditioned engine.
I popped over and had a look, this first thing that struck me was how poor the condition of the distriutor was.
I have often found that the Delco Reme dizzy wear quite badly, this one was no exception, with a worn spindle, poor points and a very worn baseplate.

The owner did have a Lucas dizzy suitable for the engine and a box of lucas ignition parts, I fitted a set of new points and condenser, he then fitted the new unit to the car, I set the timing statically and it fired up first turn of the key.

Well what made my day was the fact that the skills I learnt in 1977 while training as an AA patrol are still there, unfortunately due to poor health, I rarely get the chance to assist anyone with their cars anymore, but this evening put a smile on the spitty owners face and mine too!


Monday, March 12, 2007

RBRR Total

Club Triumph’s Round Britain Reliability Run
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the event, a record 87 cars successfully completed the course and the total amount collected was
This is a massive boost to the funds of BLISS a premature baby charity You can still donate

Car 12, Drivers Chris Allen, Stephen Clapcott and Jayson Murray at John O’Groats, our total just over £750 thanks to your generosity