Monday, January 07, 2008

MOE sent to Coventry

Well MOE went off to Coventry tonight for a few jobs to be done, power steering to be fitted, refurbishment of the brakes and the fuel system the later being clogged up from sitting around for 25 years!

I gave her a quick wash and brush up as it had been many a long year since this has happened, it will take quite a bit more work to get the best results, and unfortunately as she won't yet run I could only take photos in the garage. For all that she looks lovely and these are three photos which I hope gives you an idea.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Messing with MOE

A couple of days ago I slipped a bit of diesel in each cylinder, I fitted a new battery today, a new set of points and clean the plugs up as they don't seem to have seen much service.

Firstly the solonoid is dead, so I shorted it out, low and behold she turns over, and sounds ok, no obviously lack of compression anywhere, there is no petrol getting through, nothing to the pump, I suspect the pipes and the pump will need replacing, but thats no problem especially as there is a new pump to hand.

I have emailed the previous owner to see if there a clever fuel tap (anti theft) anywhere, before I start taking things to bits,