Sunday, May 17, 2009

MOE being bad + Outings

A couple of weeks ago MOE degraced herself by dumping all of her power steering fluid outside the registry Office in Birmingham. She was shipped off to Coventry to Mick Papworths and she got a new high pressure hose as a crack had appeared in the old one. A completely shot steering column joint both ends was replaced (wonders how the hell did that get though the MOT?) Apart from these two items just a brake adjustment and lube change saw her winging her way back up to Brum, lovely, smile back on face!

The local Birmingham area have had a good May, 40+ folk turned up at the monthly venue, a regular member Judy had a surprise 60th birthday party sprung on her and we have attended a couple of events including last weekend at Sandwell Historic vehicle pagent.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Wedding Cars and naughty Herald

My daughter got married on Saturday and the 2.5 was pressed into service as a wedding car along with my ex 2000 estate (for sale soon apparently give me a call and i'll put you in touch), two club members volunteering to do the chauffer bit! It was a lovely day.

Naughty FEA, my old 1200 has been misbehaving lound noises from the back, I found a faulty prop which we changed for a known good one, but the noises just persisted I diagnosed a faulty o/s driveshaft and spent this morning trying to remove it, finally being defeated by time and a rounded driveshaft bolthead. I think Steve the current owner is going to grind the head off the offending bolt later today.