Sunday, February 20, 2011

Courier and MOE

Well the Courier is coming on, unfortunately I have run out of time to get it ready for Stoneliegh and sale, but I took the clutch out yesterday, and it's the original, I have a new old stock factory clutch and all the number on both clutches match which kinda confirms the 39k shown on the speedo, man this thing will never rust, I have never seen so much waxoil inside and out lol.

MOE has been in the workshop (Mickey Papworth, Coventry) and has finally been fitted with Rover 600 seats which I bought off ebay, I have complained that I have a 100mph car and 30mph seats but thats been sorted now, 10 countries here we come. She also had replacement half shafts as the vibration I was getting at speed seems to have come from there, I'll have to get her up on the motorway to confirm the problem has gone away. The power steering was leaking and while it was there it was fettled but it's a try it and see what happens.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Courier Van

I am completing the jobs that are needed to get the Courier ready for the season, I recently wrote about the front drum brakes and then fell foul of some virus that has kept me out of the garage for a couple of weeks. I was able to finish off the brakes on Saturday, and today having the day off started to find out where the rear knock is coming from. On examination I found swarf in both rear drums, and so decided to replace both shaft with re-con items that I have in stock. I got one completely done and one off ready to transfer the brakes and to refit on Saturday this week.

Then it's time to change the clutch, it's been on the verge of slipping for a while, fairly typical of a coil pressure plate setup.

After that, all being well, I am considering putting her up for sale at Stoneliegh, it's just I have too many cars and I haven't really driven the van much recently, I suppose having a love affair with MOE (Mk1 2000 pictured above) has coloured what I want to drive in the future. So watch this space, and if you are interested give me a call. It's a rare find, 39K miles unrestored and it fabulous condition (with new brakes clutch and shafts!)